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Constitutional Matter

Ranjit Jha is a renowned & well experienced lawyer in the matter of Constitutional matter. He is knowledgeable about the technicalities of constitutional matter and its amendments, including Supreme Court decisions that have established new legal precedents.


Ranjit Jha with over 17 years of experience practise in Patna High Court. We handle every type of criminal cases. When you work with a lawyer at our offices, we will use all of our knowledge and resources in the fight to protect your Constitutional rights and interests to the fullest extent of the law.


Ranjit Jha is a renowned lawyer holds experience and skills to defend individuals in civil legal matters. Hire a top rated civil lawyer in Patna to file or defend property matters, matrimonial and family matters, recovery matters, employment matters and any other matters falling under civil law.

Business Matter

A new business venture starts with a solid foundation. When you begin planning a new enterprise, the advice of trusted business lawyer ensures that you do not miss critical steps in the process. When you are ready to explore incorporating your business call us. We will guide with legal issues of business formation

Most Trusted Lawyer with successful cases

Welcome to the Lawyer Ranjit Jha website. Ranjit Jha - A renowned lawyer in Patna. Serving clients by the principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, We provide superior quality legal advice and representation. We advise clients on many aspects of their legal needs, including criminal matter, civil matter, commercial and business matter, contractual disputes, probate, fraud, landlord-tenant disputes, debt and judgment collection, and other practice areas. . Clients appreciate our reliable and personal service, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge of not only the law, but the entire legal process and inner-workings of the court system.
For professional and effective representation, call our office today to set up a consultation to speak with an lawyers and to discuss how lawyer Ranjit Jha can be of service to you!
We have created this website to provide our clients with a tool to educate themselves on various areas of law we practice, as well as a means to communicate with us.

Legal Faq's

What is a Lawyer?
lawyer is someone who provides legal advice and counsel on behalf of someone involved in a legal dispute or legal issue. Also called advocates, attorneys or counselors, lawyers typically represent people before a governing body (such as a court) by conducting legal research, gathering relevant documents and witnesses, drafting written briefs, presenting oral arguments, and negotiating legal rights and responsibilities of their clients. To become a lawyer, a person must complete at least three years of intensive legal education and training, take and pass a rigorous state licensing exam (known as the "bar exam"), and pass a personal and moral fitness test.
What are a lawyer's primary responsibilities?
Lawyers, by virtue of a State Bar Council, are expected to both uphold the law and protect the rights of their clients. In addition to actually knowing the law, particularly within his or her practice area, a lawyer must be able to communicate clearly with their clients, work competently to resolve their clients needs, and be ethical in the performance of their overall handling of a case.
What do lawyers do? Do they spend most of their time arguing cases in court?
The practice of law is more than just appearing in court on behalf of a client. While there are many lawyers who argue cases before a judge, there are just as many lawyers who never step foot in a courtroom. But whether in or out of court, lawyers spend a great deal of time in an office handling a variety of tasks pertaining to their clients case - such as researching new developments in the law, preparing legal documents, and giving legal advice.
May I hire a non-lawyer for a legal problem?
It depends on the situation and the breadth of service, since only lawyers may practice law. Paralegals, for example, may represent you in certain situations involving complaints against a government agency (such as a dispute over Social Security benefits). You may also represent yourself in court, hire a notary public, or work with law students (under the supervision of a lawyer) under certain circumstances.
What Should I Consider When Hiring any lawyer?
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What is the minimal payments for the first consultation?
The Lawyer's areas of practice and prior experience are important. Also feel free to ask the lawyer questions that will help you understand his/her experience in similar matters. Think of it as a job interview. You will want to discuss fees a lawyer will charge. How will fees be generated - on a flat fee, contingent fee, or hourly fee basis? If the fees are billed, what is that process? How much time does the lawyer estimate it will take to resolve your matter? Remember, you should be comfortable with the lawyer. Can you share the personal aspects of your case with this person?
What Can I expect After I hire any lawyer?
Once you have hired any lawyer, substantial and frequent contact with you is generally not needed. The fee that the lawyer quotes usually assumes nominal contact. However, if you decide you would like to meet with your lawyer to discuss the status of your case or new developments, call and make an appointment. Be sure to ask if there are any additional charges for the office visit. In some cases, letters are the most economic and efficient method of handling questions.

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We provide you the best legal services

Lawyer, Ranjit Jha is dedicated and committed to the best legal services for the clients. We help people just like you get through difficult times. We have put together a team of lawyers who help people navigate a variety of legal sitations. We help our clients get to a better place. Our team is well-versed in legal matter and has a wide expanse of experience in helping our clients fight for justice. It doesn’t matter if this is your first offense or your third, you can count on our firm to have the experience to protect your legal rights. If you ever have a question or concern about your legal issues, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Our Team Member

Ranjit Jha
Founder, Law Firm
Lawyer, Patna High Court

Ranjit Jha is a lawyer practises in Patna High Court since last 17 years and have hundreds of successful cases won.


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Smt. Gita Jha

Smt. Gita Jha is a Director of our law firm, handing management of the team.

+91- 8271898724

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Rahul Jha
Managing Director

Rahul Jha is a MBA from L.N Mishra Institute & Managing Director of our Law firm


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Mridul Madhuri

A Higly Experienced legal consultant, in domestic voilence & female litigation protection


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